Fashion Design teaches you how to organise yourself.

//Fashion Design teaches you how to organise yourself.

Fashion Design teaches you how to organise yourself.

How to realise a Fashion Design Project!

Very often Fashion Designers are given a brief of requirements that they need to study, in order to prepare and deliver their Fashion Design Creation.
If you are a freelance designer, you may be the ‘initiator’ of such a brief yourself.

The basic points to look out in a Fashion Design Brief are to:

– understand explicitly what is asked of you;
– know your deadline;
– breakdown your work in tasks – make an ordered list;
– study and make a thorough research before starting your work, so that you don’t miss out anything or have to do things twice;
– manage your time – manage your work;
– be decisive and offer choices.

eTelestia online courses teach you not only the Fashion Design skills, but through the projects and assignments, how to manage your time and present your work professionally. This is an important success factor in the fashion industry that is so competitive and so dependent on time and seasons.

Read the Testimonials of some of our students hear their story and see how they managed to make a difference.

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About the Author:

Ismini Zafeiropoulou
Ismini Zafeiropoulou is a Clothing Technologist and Design Specialist at Telestia Fashion Learning. Her passion is design that fits the purpose. In addition she has worked in education and training in an EU agency. In her work her focus is to merge new technologies with traditional clothes making skills so that garment making can become an easier, more accurate and more enjoyable process.