What makes for Good Fashion Design?

//What makes for Good Fashion Design?

What makes for Good Fashion Design?

What makes for Good Fashion Design?

Do you have great design ideas but find it difficult to draw them? Fashion Drawing is a key skill in Garment Creation. It allows you to express your ideas visually and communicate them to clients and colleagues.

Make designs that can be made into beautiful garments.

A good Fashion Designer knows how to draw, and present their ideas in a way that is attractive and exciting, but also realistic and technically correct. One common pitfall for young designers is creating unrealistic designs that cannot be made up into ’real’ garments.

A good Fashion Designer must know how to create great design ideas that can also be technically implemented and realised into actual beautiful garments.

At eTelestia you can learn all the steps of the Product Development Cycle from how a garment is designed, how it is drafted and made-up as well as how to communicate this on paper.

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Ismini Zafeiropoulou
Ismini Zafeiropoulou is a Clothing Technologist and Design Specialist at Telestia Fashion Learning. Her passion is design that fits the purpose. In addition she has worked in education and training in an EU agency. In her work her focus is to merge new technologies with traditional clothes making skills so that garment making can become an easier, more accurate and more enjoyable process.