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How to Stop feeling ’Never Get it Right’ when making clothes

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When making your own clothes, if you have a strong sense of  ‘I never get it right’, it will typically fall into 4 areas: 

1. Body shape: The sense that my ‘body shape’ is too difficult and I could never wear certain types of garments that would fit me well, like my bust or hip measurements are just not as they should be

2. Competencies: The feeling that I am not good enough for clothing skills, I have tried everything available from short seminars, magazines, youtube videos, but still cannot work it out. 

3. Style: The feeling that although I make simple styles, but ‘I can never see my more creative ideas come to life’ because it requires too much training and work. 

4. Time: The feeling that being able to make clothes that fit well, requires a lot of time and effort. I could never find all this time to devote to it. 

Why You Have this:

If you have some combination of these four, it is usually a result of relying on a perception and understanding of making clothes that is based on weak foundations and misconceptions on what makes a garment fit well and how you can reach your goal faster. 

You have become accustomed to compromising for too long in the fit of a garment, that you have forgotten what good fit actually looks like.

Often one relies on pursuing skills and operations of sewing and making clothing that are detached from the basic principles of garment creation and body fit for real people

By trying to build up your skills on weak foundations you end up becoming more frustrated and waisting more time and energy for simple pattern making tasks and sewing operations. 

The Secret to making well fitting clothes

The key to truly making clothes that fit well is to stop resisting on applying new ideas and persistently staying with what you already know, but which has not worked for you.
Take this an indication that you need to try a different approach and open-mindedly allow a new method to take you by the hand, starting from the basics –  from the beginning. 

In this way you will save time by leaving behind you practices that have not served you and you will stop  repeating the same mistakes and getting the same errors. 

This is the true solution to making well fitting clothes, taking a step back and getting it right from the start

The Pattern Making Course by Telestia

In the Pattern Making Course, you will learn how to make your own blocks and styles from scratch.

The block construction is described step-by-step, together with the principles that govern body anatomy for a good fit. These principles apply to any size or combination of measurements you may want to use. You will learn how to make blocks for the bodice, sleeve, dress, skirt and trousers.

You will be able to make your Basic Bodice Block in 15 mins’. 

As a second stage you will work through a collection of styles of different garment parts that will help you understand the principles of block manipulation for the creation of a well balanced garment style.

You will work through a collection of more than 95 styles of: 

Blouses, Dresses, Jackets & Coats, Skirts and Trousers. 

Support: One of our Tutors will be responsible for you as your online Tutor and you can communicate with your Tutor and ask questions about the course.

Here is the link to start your journey into beautiful, well fitting clothes, with a simple process that is a joyful and brings results:

Pattern Making eTelestia – Online Course

That is how we have trained thousands of others, and we hope to get to support you to make beautiful garments too

Warm wishes

Clothing technologist & creative educator

Get Inspired Learn & Grow
with Creative Pattern Making

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How to start making your own clothes…

Start from the basics and gradually BUILD UP your skills. 

Start by drafting YOUR unique basic block.

📌 Simply & Smart LEARN how to draft …
your own Bodice Block,
your own Skirt Block,
your own Trouser Block, 
your own Dress Block
and so much more…

📌 EXPLORE different Styles and Variations, DISCOVER what looks good on you… 
Dart manipulation, Yokes, Princess lines, Collars, Kimono and Raglan sleeves.
Fitted Dresses, Shirt Dress, Pinafore dress, Bias cuts, Draped.
Classic Skirts, Flared Skirts, Skirts with Panels or Pleated etc.
Jeans, Bell Bottom Trousers, Waist Yoke, Revers, Overall Dungarees. 
Jackets, Suits, Coats.  

150 styles and more…

📌  Simple and Smart technical and ASSEMBLY guidelines. ⭐

Learn with Unique
Training Tools
Make a Block in less than 15’mins

Draft your way to

Get Your Degree

Get Your Diploma
by studying at home

Online Tutor Support

Here’s what our students have to say…

Sonja E. (US)

Hello to all ‘brave tailors’, I would like to briefly explain how I came along with the eTelestia course. I think the course is designed super great.
One really begins to construct patterns from the ground up, familiarizes himself with the template and the tools and works slowly to ever more complex styles.
In the beginning I was rather impatient and sometimes and tried to do too much. My very competent & friendly tutor rightly said to me ‘first things first’. I have to say, since I take this advice seriously, that I find this program is didactically clever, and it has become easier for me. My basic blocks (top, trousers, dress) fit perfectly. And now I’m learning the numerous style variations included in the program. 
Thank you, I now feel more secure with my skills and creative.

Caroline S. (UK)

Very quick and easy to understand.
Absolutely surprising. Never thought it could be so easy. I hope that this pattern cutting method will be the most used in a few years.

By creating the basic blocks and developing the corresponding pieces of clothing step by step, one can work at their own pace and also easily go back and forth to previous work steps. This makes working with the Telestia program very pleasant.

Now I am very glad to have stuck with it and also very glad about the still available support!
Thank you for the great eLearning course. I’ve learned a lot and now I can offer my customers patterns that are cut with the best possible fit.

Fashion is Creation
Believe in Yourself & bring out Your Creativity

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📌 Accurate Measurements

📌 A Basic Block that Fits

📌 Creative Adaptation to Design Styles 

Boost your confidence
in pattern making
 with the right methodology
that will take you step-by-step
 to immaculate clothes.

Make creations that will be admired and …

👍 See yourself with the clothes of your dreams

👍 See yourself mastering pattern making skills

👍 The Telestia AB methodology is unique in that it leaves-out all the tedious calculations in the development of the patterns.

With Personal Online Tutor Support 👍

📌 Follow this structured pattern drafting method based on learning-by-doing

📌 After a few weeks you will be able to create sophisticated blocks in different style variations.

Enjoy the freedom of creation with no limits!

Student Testimonials:  

“… In this world of everything online and everything digital you’re a bit on your own.
So it is difficult to find a good class where you will be able to find, … online access to be able to work on your own schedule but also the support of a human being, who can direct you, correct your mistakes and help you to progress quicker… I really found this in eTelestia’.

Study Online – Get A Certificate – Become a Professional

‘Telestia offers Online Courses in Pattern Making, Fashion Design and Sewing.
The courses have been tested and used for over 50 years by thousands of people and can guarantee the best results in clothing technology skills.’
UK – Greece – Germany

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