Creative Pattern Making that works

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Does this sound familiar to you?

To cut a beautiful fabric stay up all night to make and sew the garment and in the end everything goes wrong…

Well this will never happen to you again.

✧   Now you can save time & money by developing your patterns from scratch, simply and accurately. 

✧   You can bring to life your OWN ORIGINAL fashion design ideas, in any size or measurements. 

✧   You can acquire the freedom of creativity, so that you will stop relying on anything else but yourself. 


All this can help you discover amazing career opportunities

Let Yourself Grow in Fashion

Invest in your further education and

With Personal Online Tutor Support 👍

📌 Follow this structured pattern drafting method based on learning-by-doing

📌 With each lesson you learn new cutting techniques and thus how to create your own designs 

📌 After a few weeks you will be able to create sophisticated blocks in different style variations.

Enjoy the freedom of creation with no limits!

We hope you’ll use the online courses and you’ll discover they will help you move even closer to your goal. 

We are eager to see you make your dream a reality as soon as possible.

Student Testimonials:  

“… In this world of everything online and everything digital you’re a bit on your own.
So it is difficult to find a good class where you will be able to find, … online access to be able to work on your own schedule but also the support of a human being, who can direct you, correct your mistakes and help you to progress quicker… I really found this in eTelestia’.

Study Online – Get A Certificate – Become a Professional

‘Telestia offers Online Courses in Pattern Making, Fashion Design and Sewing.
The courses have been tested and used for over 50 years by thousands of people and can guarantee the best results in clothing technology skills.’
UK – Greece – Germany

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A Pattern Cutting system that always works for you

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Think about this: 

📌 How much money have you already spent making stuff that didn’t turn out to be as you imagined?

📌 How many times have you bought patterns that didn’t fit?

📌 How many hours have you invested in self-sewn clothes that you didn’t like in the end?

📌 If you don’t do anything about it now, your money and time will keep getting wasted…

A Pattern Cutting System,
that always works for you, whatever your size!

You feel confident and free to create.  With zero frustration!

⭐  Learn to construct:

  • over 25 basic patterns blocks &
  • 150 design patterns,
  • such as blouses, jackets & coats, dresses, skirts, trousers,  underwear
  • menswear & children’s clothing

⭐ You get unique tools that will make your life easier. 

⭐ Create and store your personal measurements table and you also have access to a multilingual picture clothing glossary.

⭐  A personal Coach, who will teach you the right methodology, answer your questions, give you feedback on your work, support your independent learning, accompany you on your learning journey.

Hands on correction of your patterns through a live simulated process, you see your tutor comments & corrections on your patterns. 

⭐ Your designs come to life. 

Technical Skills are very important,
whether you are sewing hobbyist or
an aspiring fashion designer.

Invest in yourself, invest in your skills

Draft your way to

Get Your Degree

Get Your Diploma
by studying at home

Online Tutor Support

Here’s what our students have to say…

Shefali Garg ( US)

I am learning a lot.  The courses is taught in a logical order. The tutors are very knowledgeable and helpful. They check the assignments thoroughly and send appropriate comments to help students improve. Overall, I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is seriously considering to learn how to draft, design and sew their own clothes. 

Alice Prier (UK)

I’ve bought several kits from Telestia to use with my evening class home dressmaker students.

Ill fitting clothes be gone – designers, pattern drafters and graders let’s get back to creating garments with a real understanding of the body beneath. Our customers will love us for it!
(Alice Prier (UK) Fashion Enter e-Telestia Perfect Pattern Cutting Masterclass taught by Anastasia Vouyouka)

This CAD software is a Joy to work with

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Make your collections stand out!

Make collections with a CAD software that has a human hand.

The Demo Page

📌 What if you could ensure how the garment fits on the body shape BEFORE it is actually made?

📌 What if you could eliminate waste and errors right from the start?

⭐ By linking the body shape and measurements to the initial Fashion Design and Pattern Cutting, you get HUGE sustainability benefits.

⭐ At the 1st stage, you can achieve, better control of the design interpretation in product development in relation to the specific size.

⭐ In this way, you can create better products for your customers, that follow design and form.

👌 Better results lead to happier customers, fewer returns, and less waste.

A treasure of functions that make your life easier!

1. Drafting the basic pattern block for you with the Automatic function

2. Style design is made easier than ever when applying your style changes to your basic block. 

3. In the Fashion Design module Telestia Creator CAD introduces the automatic creation of Technical Drawing Figures in any given body measurements. 

4. It combines perfectly well with the Grading CAD software giving,  automatic 3-dimensional grading. This way the details of the style grade are saved in all sizes, respecting both body shape and style.

5. With advanced tools you can create Fashion Illustrations, i.e. advanced tools for drawing, painting, colouring illustrating designs, digitise external photomaterial, prints etc.

6. Huge library off ready styled figures, garments, garment parts and accessories  to be used and adapted for Illustrations 

CAD Software – Study Online – Get A Certificate – Become a Professional 

‘Telestia also offers Online Courses in Pattern Making, Fashion Design and Sewing.
The courses have been tested and used for over 50 years by thousands of people and can guarantee the best results in clothing technology skills.’
UK – Greece – Germany

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