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The world of fashion is not only a fascinating, but also a changeable and therefore demanding world. Since Liana was virtually inherited from Sperber, she also has a lot to tell about it: the 51-year-old German-Greek comes from Thessaloniki and grew up in Greece and England.

Grandfather Schneider, the grandmother, founder of a fashion school, which was further developed by her mother, the path of Liana quickly crystallized. Because together with their sister they digitized their family’s patented learning methods in the 1990s and made them accessible via an online platform. In addition, there are numerous universities in Germany, England, Australia, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia that pass on this learning content. 

At there is an international team with employees in England, Germany and Greece, whereby Liana is the official face of the company. It also works in close contact with the mother school eTelestia in Greece and the sister school Fashion Express Learning in England. With the fashion school in Greece, they have also developed several EU co-financed projects and built up a European network, including with the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences and the Trier University of Applied Sciences in Germany, the Manchester Metropolitan University and the Kent Institute of Art and Design in England as well as with the Association nationale pour la Formation Professionelle des Adultes in France. offers online courses for fashion design and pattern construction. How long have you been working at What training in fashion have you completed? What do you find particularly fascinating about it? 

I founded in June 2006. After studying at the London School of Economics and City University, I completed my training as a fashion designer and acquired an associate from the International Textile Institute in Manchester. Until 2003, I was in charge of our family’s fashion schools in Thessaloniki and Athens, where I taught various subjects in the field of textiles and fashion design. At the same time, I was responsible for the development of online courses in EU pilot projects and received further training in the area of ​​e-learning and support for distance learning courses.

The creative process in fashion has inspired me since I was a child, from the first spark of an idea to the problem-solving phase of the pattern construction to the making of the garment. Over time, I have discovered a new fascination for the processes of learning with online courses. I love the aha moments of my course participants when they have understood the fundamental basics and can apply the newly learned skills.


What are the requirements to complete an online course at Fashion Express? What topics are covered? What modules do the online courses consist of? 

No special previous knowledge is required. All course participants should work through the lessons and submit the course assignments on a regular basis. Questions can be asked at any time via an online forum, by email or by phone to a personal tutor.

The practical subject areas of the courses are fashion design, pattern construction, pattern grading, sewing and CAD in pattern construction. The theoretical departments are history of fashion, social aspects of fashion, material science, fashion industry, fashion trends, market trends and clothing. The courses can be put together from different subject areas. A completed training consists of various interdisciplinary, theoretical and practical course modules, e.g. APD fashion product development (design or cutting technique).

Online courses are also available


Do you have to have certain equipment when you complete the course, or do you just need a PC to access the course materials? What documents do the course participants receive?

A PC or tablet is required to take an online course at Fashion Express. A sewing machine is also required for the sewing course. All course participants receive the learning software on CD or online access to download the software.

For pattern construction, fashion design and grading, the course participants receive the appropriate rulers for creating cutting patterns, drawing fashion figures and grading cutting patterns in addition to the learning software. Cut paper, tape measure, scissors, lead and colored pencils, fabric, yarn etc. are required for cutting and grading. All modules are supervised by a tutor, who as a personal contact person answers individual questions and corrects course assignments.


How do the online courses usually work? How long is a course? Do I have to take an exam at the end of the course? 

You can start with a course individually at any time. Our graduates greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn flexibly regardless of time and location. Depending on the scope of the selected modules, the duration of the course ranges from 2 weeks to 2 years. When creating and grading patterns, drawing figures and designs and sewing, all processes are taught using the simulation principle or learning-by-doing with interactive videos or graphic animations.

A personal tutor support for questions and for the evaluation of the course tasks and project work is available to every course participant. The course assignments and project work count as learning success controls. Our team of tutors evaluates and tests them. Then send them back with feedback and advice. All course assignments and project work must be passed in order to receive a certificate or a recognized qualification, depending on the course.

You can start a course individually at any time


High flexibility and proven learning methods 

Liana was born with a fascination and passion for fashion, which is why it is not surprising that she has had a successful career in this industry. Their company and learning methods are not only present in Greece, their place of birth, but also in Germany or England. Liana particularly enjoys teaching, so she was instrumental in launching an online course. The students particularly appreciate the flexible arrangement of the courses. But also the support from the tutors, who count as personal contacts for them.