Get professional with Telestia Creator CAD software

//Get professional with Telestia Creator CAD software

Get professional with Telestia Creator CAD software

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Don’t stay behind.
Get professional with Telestia Creator CAD software

Make your work look and feel professional with Telestia Creator CAD.

Here’s some of the newest features:

  •  Transform your Technical Drawings to made-to-measure Perfect Patterns faster than ever.
  • Intuitive Drafting Functions to help you develop design details (cuts, pleats, drapes) on your blocks at the click of a button.
  • Automatic Grading Rules for your patterns to develop just the right size range with perfect fit in all sizes.

Make professional collections quickly & easily and get your customers’ attention.

The Telestia Creator CAD software is fully fetched professional software and consists of 3 modules and 2 upgrades.

* CAD Pattern Cutting
* CAD Fashion Design
* Pattern Grading
* CAD Automatic Patterns
* CAD Fashion Design Libraries

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About the Author:

Liana von Sperber
Liana von Sperber is an experienced Online Tutor and Course Designer with a Diploma in Fashion Design and Clothing Technology from eTelestia and an Associateship from the International Textile Institute (ATI). She also has a BSc in Management Sciences from the London School of Economics and an MA in Arts Management in Education from the City University, London. She has helped design and run courses in clothing and fashion, both online and class-based, for both students and teachers in many countries and many languages (EN, DE, FR, GR), including the UK, Germany, France, Greece, the US, Australia and Saudi-Arabia. Her passion is the empowerment of hand-based skills through the effective use of training and design technologies.