We are all different and each body has its own characteristics.
All of this cannot be generalized to a number like a clothing size.
You don’t need a lot of numbers, just the right ones – find out what they are!

Technical Skills are very important,
whether you are a sewing hobbyist or
an aspiring fashion designer.

🥳 Understand that regardless of your size, you can wear your favorite style and look great if the pattern fits your figure!

By applying modern technology to traditional pattern making skills, eTelestia has made it Fun, Simple & Easy for you to gain the knowledge of making garments of Perfect Fit in YOUR SIZE.

In the course, you will:

Start from the basics and gradually BUILD UP your skills. 

Start by drafting YOUR unique basic block.
📌 Simply & Smart LEARN how to draft …
your own Bodice Block,
your own Skirt Block,
your own Trouser Block, 
your own Dress Block
and so much more…

📌 EXPLORE different Styles and Variations, DISCOVER what looks good on you… 
  150 styles and more…

📌  Simple and Smart technical and ASSEMBLY guidelines. ⭐

Learn with Unique
Training Tools
Make a Block in less than 15’mins

You can now combine
⭐ the Pattern Cutting Course with
⭐ the Telestia Creator CAD software &
design your own collection digitally.

Draft your way to

Get Your Degree

Get Your Diploma
by studying at home

Online Tutor Support

Here’s what our students have to say…

Shefali Garg ( US)

I am learning a lot.  The courses is taught in a logical order. The tutors are very knowledgeable and helpful. They check the assignments thoroughly and send appropriate comments to help students improve. Overall, I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is seriously considering to learn how to draft, design and sew their own clothes. 

Alice Prier (UK)

I’ve bought several kits from Telestia to use with my evening class home dressmaker students.

Ill fitting clothes be gone – designers, pattern drafters and graders let’s get back to creating garments with a real understanding of the body beneath. Our customers will love us for it!
(Alice Prier (UK) Fashion Enter e-Telestia Perfect Pattern Cutting Masterclass taught by Anastasia Vouyouka)