Making Garments that ‘actually’ fit!

//Making Garments that ‘actually’ fit!

Making Garments that ‘actually’ fit!

Making Garments that ‘actually’ fit!

Have you also noticed, like so many others, how difficult it is to find garments that just fit well?

According to recent research the average woman wears medium to larger sizes and she doesn’t have the ‘ideal’ figure of a model, however, the clothing industry still refuses to make clothes that fit her.

As a result, we’ve learned to compromise with badly fitting garments that make us look and feel bad.

So, why is it SO hard to find a garment of good fit?

In pattern creation, we first start of with a basic block and then move on to the development of the style.
If the basic block doesn’t fit the figure perfectly than you will never get a good fit.

At eTelestia we believe that it is time to STOP compromising!

You can learn how to make Perfect Fit Patterns, no matter what your size.

Learn how to make your own clothes based on simple methodologies, be creative, and make a difference!

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About the Author:

Anastasia Vouyouka
Anastasia Vouyouka is Pedagogy, and Pattern and Fit Expert of the ‘eTelestia’ project. She has coordinated and participated in a large number of European Projects on Education & Training for Clothing. She is the author of several specialized books, on pattern cutting, fashion design, history of fashion and social and other aspects of fashion, which have been translated in 8 languages and are sold all over the world. She holds strong relations with all supporting associations in the UK and many other countries, USA, France, etc. that value the performance of comprehensive training, and technological packages. She is a Fellow of the Textile Institute.