• If you been struggling with pattern making skills
  • If you find commercial patterns limiting your creativity
  • If you’d like to make your own clothes
  • If you want your clothes to fit your own size.

NOW is the time to go to the NEXT LEVEL ->

– Learn how to make a BASIC BLOCK in 15’mins!
– Design UNIQUE PATTERNS in your size
– GAIN TIME in the development process
– SAVE RESOURCES & reduce waste

There is no need to rely on anything else other than yourself!

With a simple process you can now acquire the skills to be able to make ORIGINAL styles in ANY SIZE.

EASY LEARNING method to master the skills of
Pattern Making for Fashion Design.

Simple steps:

1. With a simple process YOU will make a basic block in 15’ mins

2. Whatever your SIZE, you can draft creative styles that will look great

3. Make your OWN STYLE from scratch and cut that treasured fabric that you’ve been keeping.

Enjoy the freedom of creation with no limits!

Student Testimonials:  

“… In this world of everything online and everything digital you’re a bit on your own.
So it is difficult to find a good class where you will be able to find, … online access to be able to work on your own schedule but also the support of a human being, who can direct you, correct your mistakes and help you to progress quicker… I really found this in eTelestia’.

Study Online – Get A Certificate – Become a Professional

‘Telestia offers Online Courses in Pattern Making, Fashion Design and Sewing.
The courses have been tested and used for over 50 years by thousands of people and can guarantee the best results in clothing technology skills.’
UK – Greece – Germany

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