Sustainable production practices in the clothing industry have become essential for companies that wish to prosper and grow.

Although the main focus has been placed on recyclability, eco-friendliness of materials and production processes, little is said on the possibility of addressing sustainability at the 1st stage.

The 1st stage being the design process and pattern development of the garment.

What if you could eliminate waste and errors right from the start.

What if you could ensure how the garment fits on the body-shape BEFORE it is actually made.

The technology and tools are now available so that your customers can have perfect fit in their own measurements with the design details conforming to them.


3D Tablet Body Scanner – The most advanced no-touch way to acquire all body measurements

With a click of a button get your unique Bodice Block in the Telestia Creator CAD software

Style the design on the figure that will match these measurements and get it right from the START on your screen.

Combine the Telestia Creator CAD software
with the TC2 Body Scanner and get
immaculate results

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What others say about our courses

Shefali Garg ( US)

Alice Prier (UK)
(Fashion Enter e-Telestia Perfect Pattern Cutting Masterclass taught by Anastasia Vouyouka)

The courses are taught in a logical order. The tutors are very knowledgeable and helpful. They check the assignments thoroughly and send appropriate comments to help students improve. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is seriously considering to learn how to draft, design and sew their own clothes with real craftmanship. 

I use the Telestia methodology with my evening class home dressmaker students.

Ill fitting clothes be gone – designers, pattern drafters and graders let’s get back to creating garments with a real understanding of the body beneath. Our customers will love us for it!