Live Course in London: Pattern Cutting and CAD

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Don’t miss the chance to register in this live training

Make your collections stand out.


🕒 Gain Technical Design and Pattern Cutting CAD skills in just 12-weeks with a combination of Saturday classes and online tutor support, starting 12th March at the FC Designer Workspace in north London.

📌 What: The course offers a step-by-step, easy to follow process of creating your own patterns and fashion designs from scratch.

It also provides a combined solution with the use of CAD software.
For Whom
If you want to learn how to make your own patterns from scratch
If you want to combine pattern cutting with CAD.
If you want to design your own fabulous collections.If you want to understand consumers’ needs in design and where the future is going to satisfy them.

When: Register now to this unique course that will take place in London, starting 12th March.

Register:Link: unique chance at a unique price offer at Fashion Enter, London to learn how to design and create your own collections, even if you work full time.

How: The classes are a combination of class based and online learning with tutor support.

Telestia Creator CAD Special Process Performance for Clothing Design

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The creative contribution of Telestia Creator CAD software is based on a number of Engineered Design Features, unique on their way of work.

Its mission is to help the Digital Clothing Creative Design Process, by employing a large number of Functions, Working Tips & Processes, that are uniquely necessary to the Creative Garment Design process.

In addition to all the Digital drawing and illustrating tools, it has devised and engineered a large number of Functions that help a Garment Designer work digitally, similarly to working by hand.

It facilitates processes that allow designers work in a special Digital environment at the same time free to apply techniques and principles, that have helped creators transfer their ideas visually, for thousands of years, from the Classical Arts times, throughout the centuries, to the Applied Arts periods of the 19th & 20th centuries.

By supporting the Creative Design Process, it enhances and enriches the potential of the digital facilitation.

It allows designers to employ all the useful media, design processes and mathematical rules, of classical procedures both of (more…)

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