The creative contribution of Telestia Creator CAD software is based on a number of Engineered Design Features, unique on their way of work.

Its mission is to help the Digital Clothing Creative Design Process, by employing a large number of Functions, Working Tips & Processes, that are uniquely necessary to the Creative Garment Design process.

In addition to all the Digital drawing and illustrating tools, it has devised and engineered a large number of Functions that help a Garment Designer work digitally, similarly to working by hand.

It facilitates processes that allow designers work in a special Digital environment at the same time free to apply techniques and principles, that have helped creators transfer their ideas visually, for thousands of years, from the Classical Arts times, throughout the centuries, to the Applied Arts periods of the 19th & 20th centuries.

By supporting the Creative Design Process, it enhances and enriches the potential of the digital facilitation.

It allows designers to employ all the useful media, design processes and mathematical rules, of classical procedures both of general design, but particularly of the 20th century’s great Arts & Crafts Haute Couture and Tailoring skills.

It also uses Anatomy and Kinetic rules and principles in the understanding and matching of all these disciplines towards achieving, both a good Fit on Body, but also ease of movement, features.

Telestia Creator CAD Software   Telestia Creator CAD software

So it combines all the above towards an engineered environment, that respects and saves all past achievements, and employs Technology power to enhance Design Creation with new Creative & Rich Digital skills.

Telestia Creator enhances Design Creation through four important engineered environments:

  1. A well designed vector environment that helps the designer apply all drawing and illustration processes and skills, by using a well designed special to clothing tool box.
  2. Special Working Tips to help make the best of all functions related to the clothing disciplines.
  3. A unique Working Telestia Design Creative Process related to all tools and methods of the Telestia methodology for Perfect Fit and Style Design.
  4. A rich well planned set of comprehensive short courses on both hand and digital skills with the use of interactive multimedia, on all levels and parts of the Clothing Experience, the Telestia Trainer.

Telestia Creator CAD software

These use all the above wealth of skills, craft, science, pedagogy, design rules, and hundreds of automations to simplify the design procedures and make the creative experience   quick, easy, satisfactory and classic, though based on High Technology.