Perfect Fit Patterns

Do you respect and value the clothes that you wear?

What does it mean for a Fashion Designer to make sustainable clothes?

Bring your design ideas to life and make your own unique clothes easily & affordably

Make your personal basic block in less than 15’mins

Make Clothes that Fit

Every year tons of clothes end up as waste, because they have outdated their purpose too soon.

At eTelestia we believe that by making clothes that fit their purpose in terms of Fit & Design, we respect the environment and its resources.

Clothing becomes more durable and sustainable.

Simple & Easy

Recognised Methodology
Save Time & Money
Online Tutor Support

 Study Online – Get A Certificate – Become a Professional

‘Telestia offers Online Courses in Pattern Making, Fashion Design and Sewing.
The courses have been tested and used for over 50 years by thousands of people and can guarantee the best results in clothing technology skills.’
London – Greece – Germany

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