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With the eTelestia online fashion courses, you can learn Pattern Making, Fashion Design, Pattern Grading and Sewing online, easily and accurately, from the comfort of your home.

For the first time, you will be able to understand and master the principles of what making clothes is all about.

Our courses provide:

  • The eTelestia training material is downloaded on your PC in the form of interactive multimedia based on simplified methodologies, but you can work offline.
  • You will be assigned an online Tutor who will guide you through your eTelestia Fashion learning experience.
  • For each short online fashion course you complete, you will get a Certificate of Completion. If you would like to receive accreditation for your studies have a look in the Degrees & Diplomas section.
  • You can study a Full course or a shorter sub-course.
  • You don't have to wait for a class to open! You can start a training fashion course any day, every day!

Are you frustrated from wearing badly fitting garments? Learn pattern making in a simple and accurate manner for perfectly fitting pattern blocks and make your own clothes easily with eTelestia’s online fashion courses.

Pattern Making

Online Pattern Making courses

Make your own clothes easily
and affordably.

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Fashion Design

Fashion Design Course Online

Learn how to create your own
fashion designs.

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Learn how
to sew

Online training course in sewing, with detailed techniques and sewing instructions.

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Pattern Grading

Online Pattern Grading Course

Bring your pattern cutting skills a level further by learning how to grade your patterns.

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