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A Face Mask for the whole Family

Find the Mask that suits you

Find here a collection of different patterns for Masks in different shapes and sizes to fit the whole Family

Make your own fabric combinations.
Download the Pattern with the Instructions below...

Mask A - Classic Shaped
Mask B - Duck Style
Mask C - Nose Seam

Important Notice

Re-usable face masks need to be used in the appropriate way


1. Wash hands before wearing the mask

2. Wear mask from ear handles

After USE

1. After use, take off without touching the outside surface

2. Wash in at least 60° before using again

3. Iron thoroughly






Useful information for anyone making DIY masks at home

A new study at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine is finding that certain fabrics can filter much smaller particles, too. By comparing different textiles—thick vs. thin, woven vs. knit—they discovered that heavy-weight cotton with a tight weave and a thread count of 180 or higher performs surprisingly well in filtering small airborne particles. Avoid knitted or elastic fabrics.

Quote is from Vogue , By Emily Farra, April 6, 2020

Note: This refers to thick shirt or sheets cotton fabric.
It should be used with a lining of the same fabric to reinforce it.