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Learning Content

Online studies are perfect for those who need flexibility of time and location.

You can find four main Course Subjects in clothing and fashion on the eTelestia website:

You can register for whichever course subject fits your requirements. Whether you choose to study a Full Course or just a shorter Sub – Module as a ‘skill snack’ to improve in a particular area. Go through our list of courses to see further details of the options available.

Who can study

The eTelestia studies are perfect for you if you want to acquire employable skills, improve on a particular skill or simply love designing and want to learn more about your hobby. The eTelestia courses are suitable for you:

  1. If you have no prior knowledge and wish to learn by hand:
    • how to construct block patterns and patterns adaptations (Pattern Making) for womenswear, menswear and/or childrenswear,
    • how to produce clothing, designs and technical sketches (Fashion Design), to develop both your technical and/or creative skills,
    • how to make up and sew a garment to perfection (Sewing),
    • how a clothing factory and its production line is organised and run (Virtual Factory).
  2. If you already have prior knowledge in some or all areas described above and wish to expand or update your skills.
  3. If you wish to learn Skill Snacks for your own personal use (e.g. how to make skirt blocks, or trousers.)
How can I study

When you register for an eTelestia course you should expect a structured interactive learning experience. Remember that following the course instructions guarantees the best results.

When you register to start a course, you will be provided with the Learning software. When you install the Core Application on your computer you can start downloading all the modules of the course. You will need internet access only to use the eTelestia website and to download your daily class sessions. However, you do not need to be online to study the course modules.

What kind of study space

We advise you to prepare your own learning environment workspace before you start this course.

Along with the computer, you will need a worktable on which to draft your patterns and/or designs, or a sewing machine for the Sewing Course. You will also need appropriate drafting paper, fine pencil, eraser, tape measure, pins, scissors etc. and the corresponding AB tools and templates, which will be provided in a Starter Pack together with the Learning software.

Learning Content