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Pattern Making Skills
are key for
Perfect Fit Clothing

Why is pattern cutting SO important?

Have you ever thought HOW MUCH
depends on the FIT of the final garment?

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Pattern Making Skills in Demand

  • Companies often invest so much of their resources to grab consumers’ attention to buy their products. Marketing, Merchandising, Design, all these departments of a Clothing Company work closely to attract, persuade and capture the final consumer.
  • However, the final garment has to have PERFECT FIT otherwise this whole effort goes to waste.
  • This is the reason why there is such a demand for skilled Pattern Makers, because they are the basis of the clothing industry!
What are the key elements in Pattern Fit

  • To make patterns of good fit it is important to understand what is meant by good fit. Here are some key elements that need to be considered, understood and addressed in pattern fit:
  • how the garment falls on the shoulders (i.e. if the shoulder seam shifts towards the front or back)
  • how the garment fits around, the chest, the waist and the hips
  • understand the fit of the sleeve on the shoulder and around the armhole
  • observe if the clothes are pulling or dragging
  • observe whether the clothes are more fit or loose
  • if the design lines have shifted out of position, (darts, seams, empire and other decorative seams)
Key Skills in Pattern Making
  • Using the right basic block with correct measurements, sets you on a good track for drafting perfect fitting patterns.
  • Master the skills of style adaptation to be able to draft patterns that correspond to the desired design.
  • Accurate style adaptation is required that will bring your block to the final style of your garment.
How you can benefit from Telestia AB Training Methodology

  • With the Telestia AB Methodology, you learn how to create Patterns of Perfect Fit in any size, quickly and accurately.
  • With a simplified methodology, you will learn how to create your own patterns from scratch in any size.
  • The courses offer a structured learning environment, starting from the basics and moving on progressively with clear step-by-step instructions at every stage.
  • The lessons are simple and easy to understand with the help of modern technology, animation & videos.
Recognised Methodology

  • An Online Tutor will support you through your course and monitor your progress.
  • You can study at your own time, in your own space, at your own pace.
  • The Telestia Trainer is a recognised training methodology developed as eLearning Initiative by a partnership of European Colleges & Universities.


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