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Our Approach

eTelestia, is a global online network that provides eLearning in fashion and clothing.

The training courses are based on eLearning packages developed by a partnership of European Colleges and Universities, using interactive multimedia for self-training on pattern making, fashion design, sewing and the structure and process of a virtual clothing factory.

The courses are organised in a modular way and each component (daily lesson) is a building block on a basic Core Application. You will be sent the Learning software. Once you have installed it on your computer you can start to download your daily class lesson, which will begin to build your virtual eTelestia classroom on your computer.

This eLearning course, greatly accelerates the learning as the animations and interactive procedures included demonstrate all the processes and procedures of pattern drafting, fashion drawing and sewing.

During your training, this website will be used as a Communication Platform to aid the learning process. Tools like the Online Tutor, the Illustrated Fashion/Clothing Glossary and the Course Profile Card are available only online on the eTelestia website.

However, all of the eTelestia modules will be downloaded on your computer and you can study them offline.

Our Approach