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Pattern making

  • How to draft a pattern for bodice, dress, skirt, or trousers
  • A revelation on female design shapes in recent historical developments
  • A recent exhibition at the V&A made me see, clearly the route of women garment design in a wide perspective.
    It has to do with the way the fitting of the Dress was addressed by designers and clothing experts throughout the years, following the wars, and how the industry that developed complied.

    This is the story of how my mother Ismini Argyropoulou, who was a very innovative and practical person and an excellent dressmaker, tried to find a way to resolve it, when she started teaching Pattern Making skills in her school in the 70’s .
    It was a great challenge, as it had to abandon the haute couture approach, that relied on many fittings.
    They had to get it standardised with geometrical rules to
    fit the majority of the female shapes, by only using their particular measurements.

    And they did! With the unique Dress making approach!

Fashion Design


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